Measurement Solutions for Insurance

To make good claims decisions, insurers need detailed damage assessments and property measurements. But on-site property inspections can be time consuming, inefficient, and costly.

Whether you’re looking to go 100% remote or just simplify your field operations, EagleView’s virtual measurement and inspection solutions will help you streamline every claim.

Make Smarter 
Claims Decisions

Repair, replace, or deny claims with greater confidence, and accurately estimate the repair costs for approved homeowner claims.

Minimize Risks 
and Costs

Reduce the safety risks and operational costs related to manual inspections, and significantly cut down Loss Adjusted Expense (LAE).


Seamlessly integrate property data with leading claims management platforms.

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Residential Exterior Measurement Solutions

Automate and Accelerate Your Claims Processing


Get comprehensive, automated roof and exterior wall measurements remotely, including roofs, walls, and windows—no policyholder, adjuster, or contractor action needed.

EagleView’s newly enhanced Walls, Windows & Doors solution provides more accurate residential repair estimates with exact exterior measurements, material breakouts, and window and door dimensions, without the hassle of scheduling an on-site inspection or measuring by hand.

Roof Measurement Reports

Get accurate roof measurements calculated to 1/10th of a foot.

Create more accurate repair estimates and avoid secondary inspections.

Access detailed property report measurements and 3D models 24/7.

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Walls, Windows & Doors Measurement Reports

Quickly capture exterior measurements and window/door dimensions remotely for fast and accurate claim repair estimates.

Choose the reports that work best for you, with options for separate window and door measurements, and distinctions for vinyl siding, masonry, and other building materials.

Access measurements directly from within your estimatics platform.

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EagleView aerial imagery is up to 
4x the detail of standard aerial 
imagery and 70x that of standard satellite imagery.

EagleView Assess™

EagleView Assess delivers fast, accurate, comprehensive property inspections, powered by industry-leading autonomous drone technology.

Maximize claim accuracy and avoid costly re-inspections with AI analyzed imagery, property data, and damage detection. 

See even the most subtle damage with resolution of up to 1mm/pixel Ground Sample Distance (GSD).

Estimate claims quickly and accurately with precise whole-home exterior measurements delivered as part of the Assess inspection package.

Resolve up to 1.5x more claims per day, reduce loss adjusted expense by 20%, and save an estimated $338 per claim. *



Increase policyholder satisfaction with self-scheduling tools and real-time inspection updates.

Two Service Options to Choose From

Managed Service

EagleView handles every step of the process, so you won’t need to go on-site.

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EagleView supplies the drone and integrated platform, and your teams conduct the inspections.

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Review a complete digital reproduction of the roof with automatic detection for every point of damage for faster reviews and defensible claims decisions.

From precise measurements with full separation of materials, to total areas and elevation diagrams, EagleView offers the holistic, detailed reports and data you need.

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* Data is based on a productivity study conducted with existing EagleView customers that observed the volume of claims handled per day per adjuster to increase from 4 to 7 (75%), and based on third-party data and EagleView timed studies comparing Assess to outside staff adjusting, inside staff adjusting, ladder assists and independent adjusters. Individual carrier productivity gains and cost savings will be subjective to their business model.

How does 11% more estimating accuracy measure up for you?*

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