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Schedule and Process Claims Faster

EagleView’s Claims Assignment Service (CAS) helps you assign the right resources for any roof inspection the first time.

Not knowing the predominant pitch, story count, and eave height of a roof before an inspection increases the risk of assigning the wrong resources for the job—and rescheduling not only creates a bad homeowner experience, but it can also cost more than $200 each time it happens.

EagleView’s Claims Assignment Service (CAS) for insurance provides carriers with the key property information needed to assign the correct inspection resources the first time.

Identify steep or complex roofs before an inspection. 

Get key property attributes (predominant pitch, story count, and eave height) on demand and in less than a minute.

Assign the right inspection team and equipment for every site visit.

Accurate Roof Data at Your Fingertips

CAS provides key roof data based on address or latitude and longitude, and is available via web portal or API integration with leading claims management platforms.

Predominant Pitch 

Determines overall steepness using the industry standard format over 12 (i.e., 7/12).

Predominant Pitch

Story Count

Confirms if the home is a single story or taller, helping identify equipment requirements.

Story Count

Eave Height

Delivers the mode, min and max eave height based on a large data point sample of the roof.

Eave Height

CAS data is powered by EagleView’s nationwide database of more than 1 billion ultra-high resolution property images.

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